Transferotel’s selection: Visit this popular Maldives museum
Transferotel’s selection: Visit this popular Maldives museum
12 May 2017

Before any long-distance travel, you have to know a few facts about the local life and also what are the best places to visit in the country. In Maldives, there’s a lot to see and discover.

According to locals and tourist’s preferences, one of the main attraction destinations of the country is the National Museum in Malé. Since 1952, the monument tells the story of people of the Maldives with its history and rich cultural heritage over the centuries.

The National Museum in Maldives is located in the Sultan Park, a part of the Maldivian Royal Palace’s site, dating the 17th century. The old building has a three-floor area and was partially demolished by fire in 1968, during protests. Sadly, some of the most precious items, like ancient Buddhist coral stone carvings, were destroyed. The new monument was built by the Chinese Government and offered as a gift to the Maldives in 2010. It’s divided into two main buildings. The entrance to the museum is through high gates off Chandanee Magu.

Inside the National Museum of Malé, there are a number of historical artifacts and fabulous objects and clothes worn by kings and queens (ornaments, uniforms, stone items, royal costumes, papers, clothes, ancient arms, war’s equipment, armors, coins, paper and manuscripts, etc.) This rare and precious collection relates the past Maldivian way of life, over the centuries, from the Buddhist era to the rule of Islamic monarchs. The galleries downstairs are dedicated to the ancient and medieval periods. Upstairs, the area is devoted to the modern period.

The National Museum of Malé is easy to access and there’s a huge variety of affordable accommodation near to the monument.

Opening times:

Sunday-Thursday : 9am- 5pm

Friday and Saturday: Closed

Entrance fees:

Tourists: Rf50 adults, Rf15 children

 Maldivians: Rf20 adults, Rf5 children