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Effective aviation safety standards in Europe have rendered our safety record amongst the best in the world. Whilst the European Union and its Member States are working with safety authorities in other countries to raise safety standards across the world, there are still some airlines operating in conditions below essential safety levels.

To improve safety in Europe further, the European Commission – in consultation with Member States’ aviation safety authorities – has decided to ban airlines found to be unsafe from operating in European airspace.

These are listed in the document below. The first list includes all airlines banned from operating in Europe. The second list includes airlines which are restricted to operating in Europe under specific conditions.

These lists will be updated regularly and published in the Official Journal of the European Union where they are included as annexes A and B to the Commission Regulation. Before taking any action based on the information in these lists, all users should ensure they have the latest version.

To See the list please go on this link:

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