Travel Agency

Enjoy extra revenues by working with Easy Transfer Program

If you want to become a new Transferotel partner please email us at Through Easy Transfer travel Agents can offer customers the easiest and fastest transport options.


With our booking and accounting process

  1. Travel Agents can easily book airport transfers for their customers.
  2. Travel buyers can enjoy easy transfer travel from and to the airport.
  3. Travel Agents get a 6% to 10% commission on all airport transfers.

Benefits to your customers

  1. The Airport shuttle is often the cheapest way to travel between Islands.
  2. Comfort - Door-to-door service. Customers are fetched by service providers at the airport and driven to their hotel.

More Benefits to your company

  1. Increased Revenue
  2. Create Customer Loyalty
  3. Become Part of a New Travel Technology
  4. Improved Customer Satisfaction
  5. Fast Booking Process

How does it work?

After Registration, you will receive a unique travel agent code. Use this code to get discounts on all our destinations.

Payment options

Pay with the customer credit card. You can request to be paid by check in USD anytime.

We can credit the commission to your company’s credit card once your account reaches 100 USD.

You can access your bookings and check your status and sales online any time.

Can you book tours for large groups of people?

Booking for large groups is as easy as booking for one person. It also offers you more opportunities for bigger commissions.

How to access your Travel Agent Account

Access your account any time by logging in with your email and password via the form above.